World-Renowned Rock Climber On Constantly Pushing The Limits

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Sports Illustrated

How rock climber Tommy Caldwell re-learned his craft after sawing off his finger

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Mens Journal

Tommy Caldwell on Life After the Dawn Wall

By: Seth Heller | Read More

The Denver Post

Tommy Caldwell’s “The Push” delivers far more than Dawn Wall, Patagonia climbing tales


By: Jason Dlevins | Read Now

Famed Rock Climber Recalls Pushing His Gun-Toting Captor Off a Cliff: It Was My ‘Only Chance of Survival’

By: Johnny Dodd | Read Now


Abduction. Lost Finger. Now, a Rock Climber’s Tallest Hurdle. 

By: John Branch |  Read Now

Fear of Falling - Shot at and kidnapped while scaling Kyrgyzstan's famed Yellow Wall.  

By: Greg Child  | Read Now 

Duo Completes First Free Climb of Yosemite's Dawn Wall, Making History

By: Andrew Bisharat  |  Read Now

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